Licensing and Training

In the UK there are three levels of licence that can be obtained. PLEASE NOTE. The entry level is the foundation licence. Each Licence Level must be achieved before progressing to the next.

  • Foundation Licence
  • Intermediate Licence
  • Advanced Licence

Foundation course
Designed to get you involved in Amateur Radio and licenced with a callsign as quickly as possible. However before you are allowed to transmit ''live'' it is important that you know a little about radio and radio procedures and regulations and can do it safely and without causing interference to others. The course will take about 10-12 hours instruction after which you will take a 25 question multiple choice examination which is marked on the spot at the exam. centre (Hornsea Radio Club). If successful, and most cadidates are, you will receive a pass certificate and in about 10 days a licence and callsign which will be M6 followed by three letters.

For further information regarding courses at Hornsea contact Dave M0HVQ

For further information on how to become a Radio Amateur go to; Licencing and Courses

You are welcome at Hornsea Club anytime. Come and see what the hobby can offer you.
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Members Interests

The members interests include:

  • HF working including QRP.
  • Antenna design, home construction.
  • Fast scan television and slow scan television.
  • Microwaves, satellite working and computing, including digital techniques.



The training I received from HARC for my Amateur Radio Foundation Licence was first class and the enthusiastic welcome and support from the other members helped me through my studies.

Dave Smith  (Hornsea)